Wang, Wei-Ho

2011 Art Taipei Der-Horng Art Gallery Boot B12, Taipei, Taiwan

2008 Exhibited in the Taipei Show Hall 1 for Art Taipei 2008

2008 Solo Exhibition “An original existence” in the Der-Horng Art Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan

2008 Exhibited in the Open City: Architecture in Art Taipei City Museum of Art

2004 Exhibited in the Rumor of China Town: Chinese Architecture Taipei City of Contemporary Art

2001 Received first place for Design Competition for C.K.S. International Airport R.O.C Public Scenery - National Highway No.2 

1999 Exhibited in Tainan and Boston Cultural Interchange “The Story of Two Cities – Revival of the Waves”

1996 Exhibited in "Contemporary Taipei Art - Humanity and the Arc " by Ludwig Museum, Germany