Yu-Jung CHEN

    By exploring the internal temporality of the field, I try to create a blurred boundary between the natural and the artificial. Continuing the creative research and practice of sound visualization of the past two years, I expect to organize this creative project’s numerical conversion of shock waves, sound waves, and physical vibrations that are invisible in nature. The automated approach transforms different wave dynamics into visual images, spatial installations, and soundscapes. Using a large number of outdoor body measurements and recorded soundscapes and images as the base, they are converted into sound spectrums. Through signal processing, analog amplification, and the conversion of field recordings, the internal temporality of the field is explored.

    By looking for boundary divisions in certain watersheds and through the records of bridges, channels, canals, and spatial landscapes, in signal processing, analog amplification, and conversion of field recordings, I use stylized operations to combine images with sounds that are interactively transformed and mapped to a spatially layered back-and-forth relationship. I have also compiled a series of creations in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, among other places in recent years, transforming the subtle vibrational changes and imperceptible states in the space into images and sounds. Through the exchange and translation of sight and hearing, Corresponding different values to the frequency of sounds, equalization module, dynamic visual and auditory interaction relationship, as a response to the interaction conversion relationship between contemporary body perception and natural frequencies and fluctuations in spatial geography.



To be announced