Duration | 2023.09.06(Wed.) - 2023.09.10(Sun.)


Kiaf SEOUL is South Korea's first international art fair which opened in 2002. With the rapid growth of Seoul as a global art city, Kiaf SEOUL is also evolving quickly to exceed market standards. Seoul has become a vibrant art hub in the global art market, where art connects people to provide unforgettable memories. With 20 years of history, Kiaf SEOUL presented traditional and contemporary art in one place as a bridge to connect the Korean art market and the global art market. Kiaf SEOUL will continue to serve as a global platform to host a festival full of art.


VIP Preview  |

    2023.09.06(Wed.) 13:00-20:00

    2023.09.07(Thu.) 11:00-19:30


Public Opening |

    2023.09.07(Thu.) 13:00-19:30

    2023.09.08(Fri.) 11:00-19:30

    2023.09.09(Sat.) 11:00-19:30

    2023.09.10(Sun.) 13:00-17:00


Booth | B-60

Artist | Shu-Kai LINDaisuke TAJIMAChieh-Sun CHUTez KIM

Venue | COEX 1F, Hall A&B, Grand Ballroom (513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)


Shu-Kai LIN 、2023、The Evolution of Balcony People、Mixed Media on Canvas、H53 x W45.5 x D2cm

Daisuke Tajima、2023、想描繪的沒有明天的未來、 Ink, KENT paper、H91.0xW72.7cmcm

Chieh-Sen CHIU、2022、In-depth Tainan、 Atlas、 H29.5 x W42.3 cm

Tez KIM、2023、Unfolding20230411、Acrylic on canvas、 H80.3 x W80.3 cm