Takahiko Suzuki, born in Shizuoka, Japan in 1962, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Tama Art University in 1985. Suzuki has accumulated many exhibition and resident experience around the world. The beginning of the global store project is started from Suzuki's exhibition in 2009 in Australia, through the word "globalization”to think about the connection between local places and the world

    By field researching, Suzuki photographed those non-chain and local stores, using 150 to 300 detail images of the stores, and then editing by computer and reorganization of data to form a 2.5D photography sculpture. The photographic sculpture works combine with the blue sky background, and the latitude and longitude coordinates of the actual location of the stores. Suzuki blurs the distinction between the local stores and the global stores by providing the local store a chance to advertise the same way a global store would do.

    Suzuki believes: "In response to the view of globalization, I try to market the small businesses in the daily lives to the world by the Internet, presenting the view of equality of the world, whether the city is flourishing or not."

    The term globalization, which is called "Worldism" in Japanese, is the core of this project, trying to balance the gap between the worlds. However, the artist believes that such interpretations are exactly different from the original intention.Suzuki uses his own way, trying to redefine the word ‘globalization’. During this solo exhibition, the artist will bring the latest 2.5D photography sculptures in 2019, showcasing Taiwan and Japan, the two most familiar places to the artist.Between the birthplace and the living place, Suzuki creates a unique blueprint for the ideal globalization in the exhibition,to balance the differences of localization in these two locations.


Date:2019.07.06 (Sat) - 07.31 (Wed)
Venue:Der-Horng Art Gallery (No.1, Chung Shan Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan 700007, Taiwan)

《 Artist Talk 》


Takahiko Suzuki