On my yellow bookshelf, there sits a pile of notebooks, yet only a handful of them have been written in from beginning to end. The contents of each notebook are perfectly clear to me: they hold notes from classes I attended, cherished quotes and passages from books, whimsical doodles, words and phrases that resonate with me, and drawings of my finished works.

   I find it enjoyable to anticipate the audience's feedback on my work, but I often struggle with deciding what type of work to create. It is magical every time an idea jumps to mind. Maybe these inspiring moments have happened when I’m washing my hands with soap, watching a cue ball accidentally sink into a pocket alongside another ball, noticing something special that is not considered a part of the exhibition, when I was observing a bloated snake lounging in a pet store, discovering the audience's preferences during an exhibition, or leafing through my notebooks.

   So, I open up these notebooks and see what they have in mind, wondering my next move.


Artist|Wen-Woan CHANG
Duration|2023.5.20 (Sat.) - 2023.6.17 (Sat.)
Opening|2023.5.20 (Sat.)  15:00 
Venue|Der-Horng Art Gallery ( No.1, Chung-Shan Rd., West Central Dist., 700007, Tainan, Taiwan )