Bernard BUFFET

1928              Born in Paris

1939              Entered the Lycée Carnot, Paris, after studying at the École des


1943              Expelled from the Lycée Carnot. Started attending an evening class in


1943              In December of this year, he gained a place at the Ecole Nationale

Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, working in the studio of Eugène

Narbonne (b 1885).

1945              Left the École des Beaux-Arts and travelled to Brittany with his

mother, but after her sudden death he returned to Paris, where he

devoted himself to painting. He then moved to Massy-Palaiseau, just

south of Paris, to work with his friend Robert Mantienne.


1947              Met the writer Pierre Descargues, who became one of his earliest and

most ardent supporters, writing the catalogue preface for his first

one-man show in 1947.


1999              Died in Tour