Exhibition Date:2019-11-14 ~2019-11-17
Opening Reception:2019-11-14
Address:Daegu, Buk-gu, Sangyeok 2(i)-dong, 엑스코로 10


Der-Horng Art Gallery will participate in the 2019 Daegu Art Fair in Daegu, Korea. This time is the third time of Der-Horng Art Gallery attending to Daegu Art Fair. We will bring the artworks from two Taiwanese young artists, Cheng-Yen LIN and Shu-Kai LIN.  Welcome all of our friends to come to 2019 Daegu Art Fair!

#Cheng-Yen LIN

Artist Cheng-Yen LIN uses the usual daily life, within seeing and reading of things and using the realism technique to build the whole work. The artworks present on one hand sharp and clear, on the other hand multiple and blur. The overlapped images became the existing of what is real and what is virtual. The series of Reflection‧Impression makes it possible for the viewers to wander between reflection and impression, it is both real and unreal, to create an after-seeing feeling different from the daily experience.

#Shu-Kai LIN

Shu-Kai LIN, born in 1983 in Tainan, currently lives and works in Tainan. Graduated from MFA and BFA Department of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts. With his own observation of history and experience, Shu-Kai LIN extends the urban landscape of his own imagination. The various elements on the canvas are not assembled like floating islands, but they seem to be able to disperse. Through the works, the viewers can think about what elements would the environment be composed of in their own city landscapes.