Duration | 2022/10/28 (Fri.) - 2022/10/29 (Sat.) 12:00-20:00, 2022/10/30 (Sun.) 12:00-19:00

Artist | Yi-Ju Tsai、Kai-Ren Chen、Shu-Kai Lin


    Bank Art Fair 21 Seoul has ended with great success and been at the center of the art market.

    Bank Art Fair held at InterContinental Seoul COEX Hotel, using luxury hotel rooms as its gallery, has played a huge role in the art market and been highly admired by lots of participating galleries, artists and art lovers who appreciated and bought artworks.
    Committee of the Bank Art Fair has maintained well-organized fair process, well-planned movement flow and display etc. especially focusing on visitors' convenience and provided a safe environment for all exhibitors, visitiors and staffs.
    The fair drew over 7.000 visitors during its four-days run. The organizer has encouraged pre-registration of visitors so that a limited, appropriate number of visitors entered each day. The organizer also managed to avoid overcrowding and made an effort to allow only sincere art enthusiasts to enter.
    In addition, to preserve the dignity of participating gappaeries, we set up a complimentary wrapping service center for all artworks purchased at the fair.
    In total, about 700 art pieces were sold at the fair including pre-sales and artworks sold during the fair based on sales export certificates.
Backed by it, the 7th, 8th Bank Art Fair will be held at the same place from June 16 to 19, 2022. and OCTOBER 27th to 30th


VIP Preview   |

    2022/10/27 (Thu.) 17:00-21:00

Public Opening |

    2022/10/28 (Fri.) - 2022/10/29 (Sat.) 12:00-20:00

    2022/10/30 (Sun.) 12:00-19:00

Room | 0862

Artist | Yi-Ju TsaiKai-Ren ChenShu-Kai Lin

Venu |Intercontinental Coex Seoul 7-8F (524 BongEunSaro, GangNamGu)


Yi-Ju Tsai、2022、Beauty Holding A Fan、Acrylic on Canvas、H72.5 x W60.5cm cm

Kai-Ren CHEN 、2022、Inverted man no.13 -Vegeta stuck in the wall、 Acrylic on Cast, magnet, iron, wood、Sculpture size12.5×2.2×2.2cm/Base size 16×16×5 cm

Shu-Kai Lin、2019, Balcony People SeriesThe city of faith that follows the island & where to drift、Mixed Media on Paper、right :H25 x W35 cm/left :H25 x W35 cm