Chieh-Sen Chiu

  Born in Taoyuan City, Chiu graduated from the Beaux-arts of Montpellier in 2016 and received both the French DNSEP and DNAP degrees. He also holds a BFA degree from the National Taiwan University of Arts.

  In Chiu’s process of creation, he traces the lineage of human cultural development and intertwine it with his personal understanding of the surrounding environment. The works reveal a connection between the human thought process, bodies, environment, and space.

  Chiu focuses his practice on how collective memory is re-created and updated in our physical environment. Through archiving, documenting, field and cultural studies, he deduces how space develops under geopolitics. By finely sensing the transformation of his surrounding space, he fuses local geopolitics, national identity, regionality, and collective memory to narrate the spatial and cultural politics of particular spaces. Chiu focuses his practice on “cultural geography” and how art can render a “place.”

  Through field studies, he researches the image of a place and sustains its historical identity; he reconstructs the relationship between people and geography and reflects on the difference between people’s understanding of “existence” in space. Furthermore, he analyzes how the metropolis developed under globalization has caused a disintegration of “place”; setting Taiwan as a place of research and artistic creation, Chiu explores how art interacts with the disintegration of “place.”


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