Bing Yan Hsieh


2016 KAOHSIUNG TODAY港都國際藝術博覽會 高雄 德鴻畫廊展位

2014 台北國際當代藝術博覽會 Young Art Taipei

2014 台南藝術博覽會 Art Tainan

2014 台南大學視覺藝術研討會-<青瓷釉施用在不同坯土上燒成之研究>論文發表人

2013 物‧意象‧再造 陶藝平面創作聯展

Born in 1990 in New Taipei City, Taiwan

2015 M.F.A. National Tainan University

Nowadays, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, human’s great inventions have created the intelligent myth of electronic machinery.

The deep memory of my childhood toy-robot collecting experience has triggered me to use industrialized lines, mechanical shells, totems and some sic-fi elements of modern weapons, and extend the original animal body figure into an anthropomorphic, extraordinary unreal look.

These transformations are the proof of the beginning of an era of machinery analogizing animal behavior, attempting to express the existence of mutual connection between these animals’ mechanical illusion and the development of world civilization.