Duration|2023.07.22 (Sat.) - 2023.08.19 (Sat.)


    The coronavirus panic that was new to everyone has subsided, and other aspects of issues that tickle our consciousness emerge. If we draw tens of millions of dots starting at the moment of birth and ending at the final line of death, the dots at the beginning and at the end share the same fate. When it starts to feel meaningless to live a day-to-day life where its purpose and means are confused, we are often taken back to the untroubled days of the past.

    The journey to find our purpose led to an identity march, a facade of importance. A boy who thought this as the ultimate task in life had grown into a boy-like man, an artist, in this generation with a hundred-year life expectancy. Right around the time when a man peaks in thinking that time flies, when he thinks he is old and incapable, he begins to sympathize with the artist’s work. Children do not have adult memories, but all adults have childhood memories. We would like to introduce an exhibition that sheds light on the artistic spirit that crosses between visual arts and poetry on why we must indulge in ‘those days’.

    From the title of the exhibition ‘Oh, boy; nonetheless’, we hear the shouts of a lament for the innocence that fades as we grow older. Ironically, we are in a position to agree that the effort to resist what threatens humanity is a banana piled up in its ponderosity. Even the adult that guilds the majority is losing the strength to throw a pathetic banana.

    Tez Kim's works are compiled into four series: 'Deep Thought', 'Adventure', and 'Action', which come together to form the 'Boy on the Street’ series. The works turn the memory of bananas and yellows inside out, the medium of pure rebellion, originating from childhood memories. The innocence that our memory granted us is questioned in a seal that does not fade.


Duration|2023.07.22 (Sat.) - 2023.08.19 (Sat.)
Opening|2022.07.22 (Sat.) 15:00
Venu|Der-Horng Art Gallery ( No.1, Chung-Shan Rd., West Central Dist., 700007, Tainan, Taiwan )