The three Korean artists are seeking for a leisurely place within their own creation, and surrounding with the memories, fusion, and cycles to express poetic-like artworks. The works of the three Korean artist, Seung-Ha LEE, Hwa-Jeon LEE, and Won-Keun YOON, use their own innovative and unique techniques to present the artworks. The viewers could travel into and stare at the peaceful power within their soul through this aesthetics of Korean style.

    Artist Seung-Ha LEE likes to find beauty in nature, and injects the harmonious energy principle of yin and yang into the canvas. Seung-Ha LEE does not draw the works directly, but uses the natural flowing of the material itself, allowing the material to combine with the body's rhythm of artist to reflect the liveness. Just like all lives of the world, the contrast between the ocean and the sky presented in the work also has the idea of ​​Tai Chi, which symbolizes the influence of reconciling all lives of the world.

    The works of Hwa-Jeon LEE draws fishes on a special watery silk canvas, combining unique materials, which are pastel and bunchae, and stacking the depth of the pond. Showing a three-dimensional effect which also breaked through the limitations in graphic works and have reached a sense of space and vitality. Looking at the work, the surface of the pond seems to be still, but the waves in the water can be felt through multi-observation. The small fish swims purposelessly in the pond, seems carrying good memories from childhood, also carrying the feelings of sadness which cannot be measured.

    Artist Won-Keun YOON uses the old-fashioned retro and realistic oil painting styles to memorize the sceneries of Paris, France. Through the artist's special perspective of photography, it’s like walking into the landscape of Paris again and wandering in memories. The artist believes that the feelings which photography achieves are beyond measure. Photography recalls the memory from the past and reappears the perspective of gazing at the landscape. The viewer can also feel deeply when watching the work.


Artist|Seung-Ha LEE, Hwa-Jeon LEE, Won-Keun YOON
Duration|2019.12.07 (Sat)-2019.12.28 (Sat)
Venue|Der-Horng Art Gallery(No.1, Chung Shan Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan, Taiwan)


李丞夏 Seung-ha Lee

李和典 Lee Whajeon

尹元根 Yoon Won Keun