Wu, Yung-Chieh

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2004  S-AN art creativity Sponsored Reward of  S-AN  Foundation(Taipei, Taiwan)

2004  Taipei Arts Award /Best-selected(Taipei, Taiwan)

2002  Exhibition of New Perspective Art in Taiwan/Be-selected(Taichung, Taiwan)



2016  《THEN LET’S EMBRACE EACH OTHER!》, A+ Creations Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2011  《The Dreamy Thorns》, Aki Gallery , Taipei , Taiwam

2009   Art Taipei 2009,Taipei Show Hall 1 , Der-Horng Art Gallery C05, Taiwan

2009   Deacy Gorgeously/ Wu Yung-Chieh Solo Exhibition, Der-Horng Art Gallery ,Tainan, Taiwan

2006   Skin-deep/ Wu Yung-Chieh Solo Exhibition 2006, Ke-Yuan Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2005   The Standard Smile/ Wu Yung-Chieh Solo Exhibition 2005, Ke-Yuan Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2004   Drift…/Wu Yung-Chieh Solo Exhibition 2004,Dong Men Art Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan

2004   The Blessed Garden/Wu Yung-Chieh Solo Exhibition, Shin Leh Yuan Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan

2002   The Reason for Loving and Being Kind to Each Other/Wu Yung-Chieh Solo Exhibition, Prototype, Tainan, Taiwan



2018   Wandering-Group Show, A+ Creations Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2018   ART AMOY 2018, Amoy, China
2018   ART TAINAN, Tayih Landis Tainan, Tainan,taiwan
2017   KEEP GOING Contemporary Art Exhibition, Farglory Museums, New Taipei, Taiwan
2016   Spring Travel, A+ Crations Art Galllery, Taipei

2015   Between the visible and invisible, A+ Creations Art Gallery(Regent Galleria B2 VIP Reading Room, Taipei
2015  《The Great Scenery》2015 Absolute Space Joint Exhibition, Absolute Space, Tainan, Taiwan
2014   YOUNG ART Taipei, Der-Horng Art Gallery, Regent Taipei, Taiwan

2013   Group Exhibition, Asia Hotel Art Fair HK, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2012   YOUNG ART Taipei Taipei Contemporary Hotel Art Fair’, Der-Horng Art Gallery, Sheraton Taipei Hotel, Taiwan

2012   Art Show Busan, Der-Horng Art Gallery, Busan, Korea

2012   Asia Top Gallery hotei Art Fair, ,Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong ,Der-Horng Art Gallery, Hong Kong

2011   YOUNG ART Taipei Taipei Contemporary Hotel Art Fair’, Der-Horng Art Gallery, Sunworld Dynasty Hotel Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

2011   ART BEIJING • CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR, Der-Horng Art Gallery ,Beijing,China

2010  《Beautiful Symbiosis of  Wu, Yung-Chieh & Naoko Kadokura Exhibition》, Der-Horng Art Gallery,Tainan

2009   Asis Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair 2009, Seoul, Korea

2009   YOUNG ART Taipei Taipei Contemporary Hotel Art Fair’, Der-Horng Art Gallery, Sunworld Dynasty Hotel Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

2009   Unsealed Files:The 3rd Anniversary of VT Artsalon,VT ARTSALON ,Taipei, Taiwan

2009   HuwahuwaMarshmallow, Tai Yu Beaux Arts Salon, Chiayi, Taiwan

2009   Wu Yung-Chieh + Chiu Chih-Wei Group Exhibition, Safulak Art Village, Hsinchu, Taiwan

2008   Art Taipei 2008,Taipei Show Hall 1 , Der-Horng Art Gallery A10, Taiwan

2008  《Taiwan Contemporary Art Link Group Exhibition》, Der-Horng Art


2008  《Sweet Heart-It Park 20th Anniversary Celebration》,It Park,Taipei

2008  《ART FAIR 21》,Cologne,Germany

2008   Never Walk Away :Painting’s Li-sao ,Main Trend Gallery,Taipei, Taiwan

2008   Flower…or Not Flower, VT ARTSALON ,Taipei, Taiwan

2008   Boundless Visions : New Permanent Collection, Taipei Fine Arts      Museum ,Taipei ,Taiwan

2007   Path of Virtue :Those Who Stay on The Track, Taiwan New Arts Union/Tainan/Taiwan, Safulak Art Village/
        Hsinchu / Taiwan

2007   2007 Art Bag, Pierre Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2007   Taiwan Contemporary Art in Wonderland, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

2007   Art Taipei 2007,Taipei Show Hall 2 , Taipei, Taiwan

2007   Flower…or Not Flower, Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo, Japan

2007   Anion, Safulak Art Village, Hsinchu, Taiwan

2006   Taipei23, Taipei Fine Arts Museum ,Taipei ,Taiwan

2006   Art Beijing 2006, Beijing, China

2006   KIAF2006, Seoul, Korea

2006   Art Taipei 2006,Hua Shan Culture Park, Taipei, Taiwan

2006   China International Gallery Exposition 2006,China World Trade Center , Beijing, China

2005   Figurative Painting in Taiwan, Taipei Fine Arts Museum ,Taipei ,Taiwan

2005   Forehead. Word. Chicken, Absolutely SPP, Kaohsiung , Taiwan

2005   The Motion with Time, Pierre Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2005   Spring Inspired:Lu Fong-Chih Art Fashion Exhibition, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts ,Taipei , Taiwan

2005   Image, Pierre Gallery,Taichung , Taiwan

2005   One More Glance:12 metaphysicians ,a reactive practice of ontological skill..., IT Park, Taipei, Taiwan

2004   The ego Consciousness of Contemporary Art, Cultural Bureau of  Kaohsiung  County Government, Kaohsiung,Taiwan

2004   Scylla and  Charybdis  in Love:The Challenges Facing Contemporary Taiwanese Artists ,Gwangju Art Museum, Korea/ National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan/ Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

2004   Taipei Arts Award 2004, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

2004   Ke-Yuan New Stars 2004,Ke-Yuan Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2004   Out of Infinity-T.N.C.A graduate institute of plastic arts (91), Stock 20 in Taichung, Taichung, Taiwan

2003   Exhibition of New Perspective Art in Taiwan, Taichung Seaport Art Center, Taichung, Taiwan

2002   C02 Taiwan Avant-Garde Documenta, Former American Culture Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2002   Shin Leh Yuan fifth member exhibition, Shin Leh Yuan Art Space, Taipei

2001   Bao , Pre-art art space, Taipei

2000   PaLaPaLa , Normal Gallery, Taipei



2006  Drift…/Can We Really Fly?, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei , Taiwan

2009  Late-maturing Gaze 2,National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts,Taichung,Taiwan

2009  The Waves, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts,Taichung,Taiwan

2014-05-02 20:42:46 吳詠潔 - 失重後請微笑/ART EMPEROR飛池中藝術網
2014-05-02 21:18:17 濡夢之棘—吳詠潔拉鋸夢想與現實/MOT/TIMESMOT/TIMES 線上誌
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