Cheng-Yen LIN

Born in 1985

2011 Master of Fine Arts graduate of National University of Tainan

2007 Graduate of Fine Arts , National University of Tainan


    Reflection is the image reflected on your pupil. Impression is the memory burn on your mind. The seeing and reading of things, is the series of the accumulation of reflections and impressions. I use the realism technique to build the whole work. Facing all different kinds of links in life, seeing through a special reading mindset, what the works present in on one hand sharp and clear, on the other hand multiple and blur. The overlapped images become the existing of what is real and what is virtual. It is what we see from our eyes, at the same time the image we have on our head.

    I have been hoping to bring up the visual experience by sense of seeing in this series of works. Through the way of reading given by the artist, the direct realism shapes and the indirect overlapped images make it possible for the viewers to wander between reflection and impression, it is both real and unreal, to create an after-seeing feeling different from the daily experience.



To be announced