" se̍h iā-tshī "is a Taiwanese pronunciation that means to visit the night market. Our impressions of the night market are often that of row after row of stalls made up of small-time vendors. In addition to being a gathering place for gastronomic delights, it is also a special form of cultural attraction in Taiwan. The night market stalls sell a smorgasbord of traditional Taiwanese snacks, exotic cuisine, and unique and innovative food, satisfying taste buds and serving as a symbol of Taiwan's multicultural society. The theme of this exhibition is " 踅夜市 se̍h iā-tshī," and it is hoped that through an intimate exploration of everyday life and the use of keywords, we can easily enter the creative world of artist Takahiro Suzuki and comprehend the artist's creative ideas.

  Under the wave of globalization, local, non-franchise small stores are facing many challenges from powerful corporate brands and chain stores from around the world. The survival of the fittest has been a constant since time immemorial, and how to survive in this intensely competitive environment poses a major challenge. With this wave of globalization, the artist initiated this project and tried to market these small stores around the world in his own way, and does his best to “globalize” local specialty stores and pursue the possibility of fairness in the competition for survival.

  The works in this exhibition feature small stores and stalls from all over Taiwan. This corresponds to the fact that our attention has shifted from global to local in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Stalls selling egg pancakes and sausages are a familiar sight to anyone living in Taiwan, and most people have either seen them around or bought from them. Everyone may have different sentiments and stories when thinking of these vendors. Through 2.5D photography, the artist creates works from the perspective of an outsider (foreigner) when focusing on these small stalls and stores, recording every aspect and detail of each booth as well as the traces of time at the moment through a camera lens.


Artist|Takahiko Suzuki
Duration|2022.11.05 (Sat.) - 2022.12.03 (Sat.)
Opening|2022.11.05 (Sat.) 15:00
Venue|Der-Horng Art Gallery ( No.1, Chung-Shan Rd., West Central Dist., 700007, Tainan, Taiwan )