Hung, Yi

Having adream is beautiful. I have been living in Taiwan since I was born, on this island Formosa,without ever going abroad, so have an undivided relationship with this land. I always have a sense of mission in my heart-I hope to help make Taiwan ever more beautiful and unique. My head full of ideas.
I like to draw and have kept a diary in pictures since graduating from Ming-Tao. As time went by, I gained more insights. My persistence and interest in my heart would transcend the condition of Taiwan of the day. I wish to see beautiful people,events and things everyday,but this society usually is without anyobvious changes. In the last ten years, I opened nine stores,which people felt were different, but only recently have I come to understand theimportance of the concept of space. I’ve held the ideal of living for art for the last ten years. By chance, I eventually put on the of an artist, when I was at Railway Warehouse 20. I became known as an “artist” reluctantly, as I couldn’t help feeling that artistic creation comes from within yourself,your soul,vot from something unnatural.
As this ago of technology advances, our culture emphasizes speed. However,such a fast pace suffocates us and people’s original souls become clouded by exterior appearances. Society is sick and so is the art world. Artistic creation is surrounded by a system that also traps the creators of art. It seems we have to follow the rules, but this will limit art’s freedom.As a result, I keep form and rules out of my work. I devote my heart and mind to what I see around me and use my eyes and hands to depict my feelings.

2017 「Hung Yi  Fancy Animal Carnival」


2016 「Hung Yi  Garment District Plazas」

           New York,U.S.A.

2015 「Hung Yi's Fancy Animal Carnival」

          San Francisco Civic Center Plaza

2013 「Happy Animal Party」 

          The Hakone Open-Air Museum, Hakone Town, Kanagawa, Japan

2012 「East Meets West : An Exhibition of Fine Art from Asia」

           New York,U.S.A.

2010  「Present and Past Experience」 

           the 6th International Sculpture Biennale Racconigi, Turin, Italy

2009 「Wonderful Colors 」

      Der-Horng Art Gallery,Tainan,Taiwan

2008「A Chance Encounter with Hung Yi」

      Taiyu Beaux Art Salon, Chayi, Taiwan

2008「A Chance Encounter with Hung Yi」

      Xue Xue Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2004「Ordinary People」,

      Dimensions Art Gallery, Taipei

2004「Marvelous: Art of Taiwan」,

      Hua Shan Art District, Taipei

2015-04-07 21:16:24 洪易動物嘉年華 登舊金山門面/Mr.Hung Yi in San Francisco中國時報【吳垠慧╱台北報導】
2015-04-23 02:40:01 花漾動物軍團 舊金山發酵/ Hung Yi paradise in San Francisco 中國時報 /(吳垠慧攝)