Unbearably muggy, disgusting news, information with a stickiness like uncomfortable humidity, the feel-good momentary pleasure of the eye, and the endless efflux of irresponsible comments with no point or conclusion.

    I didn’t ask for it, but the sticky humidity interferes with not only my activity but even my intentions.

    When I try to print on the wax before my eyes, the humidity slides in between the oil, as if to gently protect it. “I understand what you are doing, you know! Just leave it to me!” it seems to say as it interferes. Everyone knows that oil and water do not get along.

    “Well, how about letting in some fresh air? Turning on the air conditioner, for example?” Unfortunately, my studio is not equipped with that bourgeois contraption.

    Persistently griping about things as if it was a few decades ago although we are already in 2022. The humidity and odors that cannot be captured in photographs. Irritation.

    A different world in the palm of a hand, emitting a soft glow of light. Constantly flowing, and then comes the instant of now, when I suddenly notice the action which I am not sure could be called my will, and the present becomes the past.


Artist | Mitsuo Kim

Duration | 2022.09.12 (Mon.) - 2022.10.08 (Sat.)

Open | 2022.09.17 (Sat.)  15:00

Venue | Der-Horng Art Gallery(No.1, Chung-Shan Rd., West Central Dist., 700007, Tainan, Taiwan)