Past, present, and future. These three nouns summarized on the timeline divide time and space into three major sectors. Through investigation, excavation, and research, people have analyzed accurately unearthed ancient relics and then have concatenated them into a logical history. Thus, it is quite a commonly shared view that we learn about what our present time means by knowing the past.

    This exhibition "Here is Now" is curated under the theme of “ futuristic archaeology.” Our standpoint is taken into an invisible future. Specifically, through two artists' fossil-like works which recall "technology" representing our present time, we explore various aspects of our culture, identity, and even the state of our mind, affected by “technology”, such as loneliness and anxiety. Buried in the depths of two thousand years, these "contemporary" artworks were created from various familiar daily objects, with our reality and imagination, and the past and the future combined together. We then “excavate” them with our eyes and our own imagination, which will trigger critical reflections on our concepts of time, space, reality, and authenticity, facing the scenes that the present in which we are living becomes the history and the future becomes just the mirror of the present. 

    Toshiyuki SHIBAKAWA born in Japan in 1966 and Wei-Zheng TU born in Taiwan in 1969. These two artists who grew up in the same generation but in a different culture have something in common: both have been energetically creating artworks in the motif of the imitation of archaeological remains. This exhibition attempts to have them vie with each other in their respective expressions of art created from their imaginary world views, objects and current concepts presented in the artworks.


Exhibition Date:2019-04-27 ~2019-06-15
Opening Reception:2019-04-27
Venue|Der-Horng Art Gallery (No.1, Chung Shan Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan 700007, Taiwan)


柴田敏之 Toshiyuki Shibakawa

涂維政 Wei-Cheng Tu