Lin Yi-Kuan

Born in 1981 in Tainan, Lin Yi-Kuan graduated from the Department of Art Education at National Hualien Teacher College, Taiwan, in the year of 2004. Currently works and lives in Tainan. Her articles are published in art magazines such as Artist (Taiwan), Art Accrediting (Taiwan), Artitude (Taiwan), Life Magazine (China), Photo Magazine (Hong Kong), and the column “tuì-huann” in the magazine Soguide (Xiamen) during 2010~2012.

Solo Exhibitions

2004.04  Dull and Faint- National Hualien Teacher College, Hualien, Taiwan

2005.07  Labyrinth Circle- 136 Community Art Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan

2008.05  My Observation- Café Noir, Taipei, Taiwan

2011.03  Hand- Wu-Chi Art Studio/Blacksnail, Tainan, Taiwan

2011.03  Handscape- BF Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


Group Exhibitions

2008.08  Art. Fancy- AVAT (Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan) Art Fair

- Xinyi Public Assembly Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

2011.05  Young Art Taipei- Taipei Contemporary Hotel Art Fair

- Sunworld Dynasty Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

2011.09  The Best Wishes in Art

- Galerie Pierre, Taichung, Taiwan

2012.05  Young Art Taipei- Taipei Contemporary Hotel Art Fair

- Sheraton Taipei Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

2012.05  Citizen Art Shanghai 2012- Hotel Art Fair

-Garden Hotel Shanghai, Shanghai, China

2012.08  Fairy Tales

- Galerie Pierre, Taichung, Taiwan

2012.11  2012 11th Artist Fair

- Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan

2013.02  Asia Hotel Art Fair Hong Kong 2013

- Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

2013.03  Art Tainan 2013

- Tayih Landis, Tainan, Taiwan

2013.05  Young Art Taipei- Taipei Contemporary Hotel Art Fair

       - Sheraton Taipei Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

2013.07  Art Taichung 2013- Taichung Art Fair

       - Splendor Hotel, Taichung, Taiwan

2014.03  Art Tainan 2014

- Tayih Landis, Tainan, Taiwan


Curatorial Projects

2012.07  A Vision Across Boundaries- A Group Exhibition of Asian Photographers

       - VT Artsalon, Taipei, Taiwan

2013.11  The Two-person Exhibition of Muge and Wayne Liu

       - Fotoaura Institute of Photography, Tainan, Taiwan