Artist Bing-Yan HSIEH graduated from MFA National Tainan University. Bing-Yan HSIEH studies ceramic creativity during university. The ceramic works from Bing-Yan HSIEH combine with the element of technology, future, animals. Facing the rapid development of artificial intelligence and the popular era of the machinery industry, all affect Bing-Yan’s creation. The artist's memory of collecting machine models has been fond of since he’s a child which has triggered an industrialized form in lines of his artworks. The sci-fi images of mechanical shells, ancient totems, and certain modern weapon structures extend from the original physical appearance of animals to unique personal stylized appearances, which are also turned into proof of the beginning of the age of mechanical analogies.


    Focusing on the media, the artist mainly uses throwing in his creative techniques such as parts of animal's head, limbs, screw parts, etc. Then changing the shapes after the clay is slightly hardened, combined with different techniques such as throwing, compressing molding, and hand building, to create a futuristic mechanical animal body. The artist masters the plasticity of ceramic clay, and uses a hollow structure formed by combining different blank parts. When kneading, he adjusts the overall motion orientation, length, width, compression molding, and protrusion of works, and finally uses tools to engrave to design streamlined lines. The ceramic fired in a high-temperature kiln takes Manganese glaze as the main glazing usage, showing a rare metallic luster. The industrial decorations rich in metal or plastic texture, and the contradictory visual illusion between the decorations and the essence of ceramics are like mechanical animals in science fiction movies, which breaks away from reality and enters the world of imagination.


    This solo exhibition presented mainly the latest series ‘Transforming.’ This series combined with sci-fi cartoons, toys from the artist’s child memories. The appearance of component shapes of works uses bright colors as well. Not only illustrating the imagination of future, but adding in shapes from iconical decorations of Shang and Zhou dynasty’ bronze. Under the combination of history and technology, a unique sense of technological civilization has been developed in works.


     Bing-Yan HSIEH’s pottery creation attempts to express a common connection between the mechanical illusion of animals and the development of world civilization. This solo exhibition welcomes all friends to come, and try to imagine how countless life forms on earth interact with future technology in the era of rapid changes, finding a criterion for peaceful symbiosis as well.



Opening Reception|2020.12.26(Sat.)15:00

Venue|Der-Horng Art Gallery (No.1, Chung Shan Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan 700007, Taiwan)

Opening Hours|11:00 - 19:00 Closed on Sunday



謝秉諺 Bing-Yan HSIEH