Lin Lung-Chin

1970  born in Yunlin County,Taiwan

 participate in “Water celery children's drama”, “A Confucian Confusion” Art design

< Design >

2008  2007~2016  Performing Arts

      A Collection of Works by Wu Shiwei

      Collector artistic family  photographic album of Yao Jui-Chung “People outsiders”

      Hakka television station “Colors in my mind”TV show Art design.

2009  Hakka television station “Taiwan Hakka exposition”backplane design

      Hakka television station exhibition design

      Hakka television station 6th touring main visual design

      America image advertisement design

     “Water color”,“Shili fragrance”,”Moon Water Shalian”, “Mango Dreamer”TV show visual design
2009  National Taiwan Museum venue layout

  Atayal National Museum,be,Curator

"Good House • Unite in the Community”Penghu  County hall layout

2010  Ministry of the Interior 1988-2008 community reconstrction—100 stories of city

                        1994-2008 hometown reconstrction—100 stories cover design

      Penghu  County hall layout

      National Taiwan Prehistoric Museum cover design

      Taiwan Longjiao San packaging design
      Taiwan Aboriginal Literature Award,collection

2011  Taiwan Aboriginal Literature Award,collection    

New Taipei City Bureau of Culture hand book design
2012  National Taipei University of the Arts 30th magazine

2012  Taiwan Aboriginal pulima Arts Festival main visual collection

2013  Wu Shiwei art exhibition

2013  Taichung International Carpet Festival visual collection
2014  Culture Park hand book design
2014  Lantern Festivel,Taichung, visual collection
2014  Taiwan Photo Contest Winning Exhibition,Art design ,exhibition design

2014、2015  National Taipei University of the Arts Naore Guandu Festival visual design

< Exhibition >

2016“VERY HAZY” group exhibition,Der-Horng gallery,Tainan,Taiwan 

2013 “VERY HAZY” group exhibition, Contemporary One Gallery

2014 “VERY HAZY” VT Artsalon