The Balcony City Civilization - Travel into the Unkown : The Realm of Wander


    A “castle” that expands outward into a “city” and then into a “civilization” is aptly manifested in Taiwan, which is an island in the process of connecting and integrating multiple cultures. The “castle” that explores inward and outward serves as a fortress and foundation; a bulwark of its own cultural heritage. Meanwhile the “realm” in a city responds to how the diverse communities and multicultural settlements living together in a city can become a city with individuality and a future that can be envisioned in the past, present and future throughout the course of time. Lastly, through the concept of travel to the realm, communities with multicultural backgrounds can jointly create organic inclusivity through healthy exchanges. Lin Shu-Kai’s creations have long been concerned with the cultural contexts of cities in different countries and regions. He has synthesized his family's shared memories in traditional industry, history
and culture, and his imagination of the future of urban civilization in his creations, harnessing these elements to place Taiwan in the context of global culture and explore greater possibilities and connections.

This exhibition revolves around three main contexts: the connection between the historical footprints of Taiwan and European fortress architecture in the Age of Discovery; the transformation of old and new architecture between Taiwan and Germany; and the imagination of future urban civilization. Therefore, through the adept use of installations and multiple media, Lin Shu-Kai seeks to bring the viewer into the scene of a future archaeological site, which seems to be a pie-in-the-sky imagination of a futuristic city, but also compels the viewer
to look at and reflect on how the city and culture they live in will offer alternating feedback to future human beings as time progresses.


Opening | 2023.4.22 (Sat.) 

Duration | 2023.4.22 (Sat.) - 2023.5.27 (Sat.)

Artist guide | 2023.04.22(Sat.)  16:30

Artist | Shu-Kai Lin

Venue|AKI Gallery Leipzig Prospect